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Restoration Plan Italy

"Being an extension of the Creator in every area of our own Life…"

This is what we are committed to do in the best of our abilities… At this “time” Humanity is divided into three groups:

Asset 1

consist of those who are in contact with “Source or the Creative Source”;

Asset 1

are those who would like to be in contact with “the creative Source” but are
permanently confused, conditioned by the ordinary life, looking for help or
need more time to be able to create the connection because they are too much
programmed by Society;

Asset 1

are those that do not have any connection at all and do not want it.


The ones that has the Connection and do want to maintain it need an adequate place and habitat to do so and it is for them that our intentions must be
addressed because through their shared will we can create that useful  synergy to achieve this co-housing project.  Two places are considered for these design realities: 

1) one placed inside the heart;
2) one placed outside the heart.

The internal one is a safe place to stay and feel in perfect harmony with everything, in a new way of “LIVING” that can be defined as “ASAYA” ancestral home … configurable in a New City. New City, legally belonging to a new way of life, carried out in a Sovereign State represented by a Principality, a Resort or a Village where everyone is self-sustainable

The sacred name ASAYA represents one of the roots of the ancient people of Essenes to which meaning

(Esseno: The Cosmic man thought and wanted by the Creator).

Here are some concrete examples that can be realized in the immediate future:

a. ASAYA Puglia
b. ASAYA Resort Sardegna
c. ASAYA Brescia
d. ASAYA Lazio

However, for both the internal and external places, the consideration of feeling sovereign belonging to a shareable and self-sustainable community is important. While for those internal places it is necessary to develop a cultural evolutionary process made of knowledge and further learning, a process of
self-work and deprogramming that transforms and frees one’s conformed mindset; the external place, on the other hand, is a matter of designing and
programming it so that sovereignty can be obtained in every area of one’s life.

Just lately, knowing Her Royal Highness Princess Paola Dalle Luche, descendant of an ancient Royal family, as well as Head of State of “Principality of Goltmore” which features a territory in Antartica (between the South Pole and the 60° South of Latitude and contained between Longitude 135° West and Longitude 141° West), a great possibility has arisen for a serious and feasible partnership to give an opportunity to “Our People”, a new “Status of Sovereignty” enjoyable for all members and citizens of the Universe Asaya/Goltmorian. The founders of the “Principality of Goltmore” themselves are founders and members of the Board of Directors of the Universal Common Law Court of Justice and Peace (UCCJP) founded on the principle of the Vienna Convention on the defense of Human Rights enshrined in the Constitutional Charter of 23/05/1969. This UCCJP Court enjoys the recognition of the “La Farnesina” at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as NATO Recognition, with the Recognition of the European Council and the European Community Parliament for 3 seats and members who are part of it. 

This is one of the important and possible realities that we all can obtain.

It is necessary to create a City, a safe Location for those connected with the Cosmic matrix. For those who do not understand the principles of the new
paradigm, are probably afraid of it and this could cause the attack and destruction of what is not understood or different. 

We therefore need people to join together in accordance with the Universal Law in a place that is in perfect harmony with the whole and nature enclosing it without the need to alter or destroy it but, specifically, finding a meeting point with it, to balance a successful inter-connection to enhance a win win long term relationship.

 The vision that we have of the city with the ASAYA way of living and that we already have the possibility to realize it, is a place surrounded by nature where a community can live under a plasma dome (a protective Shield) which makes it secure from the outside and right away conceivable even invisible
thanks to the present technology that we have by now.


It is important to understand that the technologies mentioned below are already largely in our possession, partially tested and partly in the closing stage of the testing phase. Here is an example to understand how it would work socially with a family of 4.

The family unit lives in a house assigned by the community thanks to the funds that can be obtained from the Restoration Plan.

The house is built with completely different criteria than those used so far, because they no longer respond to the old paradigm, but to the concepts of dignity, well-being and harmony of the sovereign people who live there as the extension of their being “called home” that is a new paradigm for humanity in our evolution scale.

This operation has the advantage of not using an old financial-economic principle and, above all, it frees itself from a great dependency on money, since we would like to transform and create a new money system that we have already in mind and we will expose it in another excerpt focused on this subject.

Thanks to an alternative type of technology, water is produced from the air. We also have “The Sun” technology which is able to create a small sun capable of collapsing matter without having residues or toxic fumes but only a very small part of natural sediment. This is why it is not necessary to use the waste disposal and sewerage.

Energy and heating are produced by a free energy generator, such as cold fusion, magnetic motors, plasma generators.

Food will be available in abundance thanks to a technology called “DPE Agriculture” that interacts with the soil and allows you to harvest from 3 to 5
times more in quantity and repeat it several times in the same season. We are also experimenting it with a system to obtain any type of crops, regardless of the growing season. We also have a technology called the RPC, which allows us to grow vegetables much larger than their natural form. 

The residents can choose to either have his own vegetable garden, the community vegetable garden or both. 

Regarding the animals, it will have a similar methodology; meat can be grown also at home or in centralized facilities. The ASAYA way of living is based on Life, so no animals will be killed. In this way it will be possible a peaceful coexistence in the same community between who eats meat and who doesn’t. To produce it, there is a technology that we almost accomplished, animals will not be killed and meat will grow from the air through amino acids. 

In this stage of evolution, animals for the first time will finally be the happy and loyal friends of humans bringing joy, love and companionship to all of us. 

For the communication system we have a technology capable of being able to communicate over great distances without using waves that are harmful to all living beings. 

All the harmful frequencies will be banned. 

For the mobility we can achieve quite quickly levitating techniques of transportation which, therefore, does not require highways, traditional railway lines and roads with a low or no environmental impact, whatsoever, as a result.

The social-economic organization

In this historical phase, the cutting-edge proceed at rapid steps in the renewal and rebirth of the new world starting with the rediscovery of the Universal
Natural Law as an essential element of self-determination and a new state of awareness of oneself and one’s rights. 

Our proposal is also inevitably inscribed within this framework and sees in the “Principality of Goltmore” a possible advanced and flexible model, capable of offering hospitality to living beings eternal essence, self-determined in the natural universal law, thus configuring itself as a bridge of passage not exclusively territorial but also conceptual and practical between the decadent old world – which expropriated the rights of unsuspecting citizens through the fraudulently imposed legal fiction, positive law and the rules of commercial law – and the new world where the liberation of humanity from slavery becomes concrete in everyday life under all aspects of Being and Existence. 

We are giving life to a visionary and at the same time functionally pragmatic legal syncretism, in which living beings and their territories are definitively protected according to a legal system based on the universal natural law, becoming a full reflection of it.

In practical terms, the “Principality of Goltmore” is accepting even bureaucratically and formally the living beings eternal essence, their talents and their projections, as such, at the same time the legal instruments in its possession to guarantee the protection possibly necessary during the transition from the old to the new world or that process that is transforming the rights and duties of the citizen into rights and duties of the eternal living essence. 

As social legislation we could use the “Charter of Human Rights” see the Court of Justice UCCJP – and as a new social parameter a higher remuneration
for those who give back to the community (service to others), such as volunteering and the expression of unconditional love. 

Each person will have access to an abundant reserve of money that they can use over time until it is no longer needed. The goal is to create and develop an evolved community that is conceptually rich in knowledge (service to others) based on sovereignty and prosperity versus wanting to become rich and accumulate money (service to self) excluding the inter-relatedness of the community. 

Money must be a universal good accessible to all Asayan members. It could also correspond to gold reserves owned by the community. There is now a technology that can produce gold. 

The production of gold of each community depends on its well-being and its current peace status, thanks to the effort and collaboration of the community itself.

The foundations of law

We believe we can share the foundations of law described in the “Principality of Goltmore” to protect and defend the Sacred Values enshrined in the
Universal Law that oversees every Law made by Man and that reflects the Willingness and Will of the Creation with the intention of wanting it;

a) to affirm and to defend the fundamental rights of man meant as a living and existing Human Being on this planet Earth, in the dignity and value of human expression manifested in all its forms, contemplated in the Equality of Fundamental Rights of men and women beyond their race or ethnicity belonging to them; 

b) to determine the social and individual conditions in which universal justice can triumph over harassment and suffering of those who have been wronged without being guilty;

 c) to promote social progress, economic and cultural development of a higher standard of earthly living, expressed among men and women within the surrounding environment; 

d) to instruct and to teach men of good will to recognize and practice tolerance as well as respect for free will in order to maintain peace, harmony between the peoples of all States, Nations and beyond within the Universal Natural Law;

e) to develop and encourage friendly and diplomatic relations between all the Peoples of all the Nations; 

f) to help States or Nations to provide innovative solutions to their economic, social and financial problems. To contribute to the cultural and humanitarian development of the productive activities, expressed in all its territorial areas; 

g) orienting humanitarian and social aid activities in all the departmental areas of the nations;


1. all peoples of the earth have the right of self-determination, by virtue of which, they freely decide on their political and constitutional status and freely pursue theirs economic, social and cultural development, as established by the International Covenant on Rights Economic, Social and Cultural approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 16th December 1966 and come into effect on January 3, 1976;

2. it is right to develop between nations or states, social and friendly relations based on respect of the principles of equality and of the right of peoples to adopt any other measure capable of strengthening Peace and Universal Coexistence;

3. the principles of respect and universal observance of human rights are fundamental and the right to freedom for all, without distinction of race, sex, language or religion;

4. the right of self-determination is legitimate when whoever exercises it, respects the integrity of his own and other country territories;


A. the political existence of a state is independent from the recognition of other states, such as established, in 1933, by the Montevideo Convention on the rights and duties of States;

B. the Bogotà Charter (1948) states in art. 9, repeating the previous
convention of Montevideo had stated in art. 3: which states:
the political existence of a state is independent from the recognition of other states. Also before being recognized, the state has the right to defend its integrity and its own independence, to ensure its preservation and prosperity and consequently, organize itself as it sees fit, to legislate on its interests, to administer public services and to determine the jurisdiction

and competence of its courts. Exercising these rights, it has no other limit than the exercise of the rights of other States in accordance with the International Law.

C. the customary law, considered by the rules on legal production as the source of the international law, recognizes and guarantees the right of peoples to proclaim their own independence;

D. the internal legal system of a subject governed by international law is an original system and non-derivative, that is a perfectly autonomous order, whose effectiveness has its foundation in the legal system itself;

E. the proclamation of independence of the “Principality of Goltmore”
respects the territorial integrity of all other states;

The “Principality of Goltmore” is perpetually neutral, it repudiates war as an instrument of offense to the freedom of other peoples, It qualifies itself as a
resolving Ambassador of international disputes and wants to contribute, on its own and synergistically collaborates with other international organizations, to
ensure peace and justice among the Peoples of the Nations. 

As one of its objective, the “Principality of Goltmore” has requested for the concession of a territory for extra-territorial use, to develop and settle down, domiciling the Central Bank in a way to achieve an active and philanthropic economic/monetary independence and autonomy in order to be able to objectively help people in serious difficulty. 

With regard to the organization of economic management, the “Principality of Goltmore” is now considering 4 different or combining options of financial funds:

If this is not possible to use it over time but only for one start up we would consider continuing with option 2.


GST© Virtual BANK, an Extraterritorial Monetary Organization belonging to the “ M1” monetary aggregate circuit, has created, through the contractual acceptance of the Unilateral Contract protocol gstvb-002-2018 of 09 October 2018, the possibility to create scriptural money denominated in euro fiat (written in various forms EURO, Euro, euro, EUR) and/or in any other currency written in various forms according to the regulation of the protocol itself, for citizens and self-determined individuals in the territory of the Italian peninsula and the islands belonging to Italy.

GIANGIACOMO SAVOGIN TRUST © Virtual Bank, the first philanthropic and no profit Extraterritorial Monetary Organization, whose purpose is to redistribute the money by creating book money, using it for the following objectives:

A. the final payment of debts, real or presumed, with banks, tax authorities and public administration;

B. the payment for the purchase of the first house in energy class A + or the renovation of an existing one, reclassifying it in energy class A +;

C. to pay for the purchase of a hybrid or electric car;

D. the payment of all taxes, duties, and taxes of any kind and kind;

E. to top up your current account for daily expenses, according to human rights (food, clothing, utility costs, visits/therapies, medical/dental, any minor
child management costs, management costs for the movable and immovable property);

F. to make donations and charities.

The activities of the GST © Virtual Bank concern philanthropy, cultural promotion, the promotion of green and free energy, and harmonious and responsible social development.

GIANGIACOMO SAVOGIN TRUST © Virtual Bank philanthropic and no profit Extraterritorial Monetary Organization, was born from the awareness that the constitutive acts of the entire world banking system were canceled by the
action of OPPT (One People Public Trust) at the end of 2012 through the True Bill registered with UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) with n: # 2012114776 of October 24, 2012.

Health and Environment

Thanks to advances in technology, health and environment, it will be strictly
connected and strengthen due to our complete transformation of our way of

It’s not only the quote “we are what we eat”, but it actually is the realization of
the interconnection with the environment where we live in, that gives us good

Nature and the relationship with it will be very important for our future.

We have a group of excellent Italian experts in the use of natural and valuable
materials, such as hemp, for building houses and all kinds of structures.
Furthermore, Italy traditionally has always cultivated hemp in large
quantities. Thanks to the self-production of hemp, Italy was completely
independent and self-sufficient because of the large amount of product that
can offer this plant (for example: food, clothes, shoes, purses, etc.). Every
Asayan place will have its own hemp farm.

Health can currently be protected with natural nanotechnologies and
microorganisms while we are waiting for the advent of the Med Bed, which
seems imminent, that it is probably the most effective solution

More free time for our Blossoming

This social structure allows us to have much more free time at our disposal to devote to our talents and spirituality, strengthen our connection with the Creator and become the best expression possible of It. 

Contact with other evolved civilizations within and beyond our planet will be the logical consequence of the degree of evolution achieved.

This phase is only transitory because we are passing from one model to
another new one, but with the full development of the capacities of the human being, we will soon arrive at the use of the mind and DNA in a completely different way. The materialization, the bi-location, the telepathy, etc. will be the new norm.

Outpost outside the ASAYA cities…

Starting from the immediate neighborhoods, by beginning to interact with the local municipal realities by communicating the different way of life and giving
the possibility of short stays in dedicated places of ASAYA where those interested have the opportunity to see and experience the new type of life.

The five main essential functions of the social and structure organization outside from ASAYA cities are:

1)The first is to act as a filter, creating an outpost also for gathering information and skimming the ordinary obsoleted old world in order to protect ASAYA’s

2)The second gives the possibility to those who are still conditioned to have the freedom to choose an evolutionary life or not.

3)The third is to help these municipal structures to be more independent and self-sufficient in order to prepare people who would like to change their lives,
but who temporarily do not have the possibility to move to ASAYA.

4)The fourth is to create greater well-being in that area which is an evolutionary example for the more distant municipalities.

5)The fifth is to interact harmoniously and in a healthy way with our Mother Earth.

We can define an Asaya settlement as the nucleus of a cell and the neighbors ones as the other components between the nucleus and the cell membrane. It
would make no sense to have a healthy cell in a sick body. We need to heal the Planet, recreate the magnetosphere, clean the planet from all the toxins and
waste, helping it to balance. All of this can only be done by interacting with the territory nearby. In the past 2 years we have already been working on the
re-balancing of the magnetosphere, of disastrous climatic events in some areas of the earth and the reduction of earthquakes.

People that we already know and are in contact with, including an association from Brescia of 200 members, along with 2600 sovereigns all over Italy, that
would happily join our project and choose to live in the “Asaya zone” as we call the communities villages for now.

There are 4 types of “Asaya zone” that we come up to for now


The first one is a light city built “ex-novo”, situated in the region of Puglia in the south of Italy. Then we are planning to build as soon as possible two other light cities, one in the center of the peninsula, in the region of Lazio and the other one in the North of Italy


The second example is the re-conversion of small cities all over Italy that is subdivided in conversion of populated municipalities and conversion of depopulated municipalities. In our country, many villages are empty because of emigration to the big cities. We have about 6000 of them and some are very beautiful. Thanks to the re-conversion, we can repopulate many of this abandoned sites. Italy became popular because of the houses on sale of 1 euro as a way to revive the historical, artistic and natural urban heritage of these ghost places.


The third example is the combination of the city from scratch and the reconversion of old building. This example of light city, thanks to the
cooperation of the association of 200 members that are already very excited about it, will be build in Brescia, which is situated in the north of Italy. In this way all Italy is covered. We also have the possibility to build 600 m2 ecological houses creating advanced cities within 48 hours (for each) with 3D printers.


The fourth one is a tourist city similar to a resort for short term stay to visit and experience well-being. This will be located in Sardegna, the island well-known for having one of the “blue zone longevity” spot. We are planning to invite all the Italian mayors first, then the mayors from all over the world to live for a period of time and experience the resort as a possibility for either building their own city “ex-novo”, adopt the re-conversion transformation or choosing a combination of both.

At this point in time on the Island, it is not permitted to build more than 100 houses for a project. And this is why we came up with the idea of the resort
that will promote the Eco-light cities concept design in Italy and internationally.

This last project in Sardegna has the priority for these 4 outstanding reasons:

A) From the 18/01/2021 there is a new law only in Sardegna, not in the rest of Italy, that it allows buildability on lands not permitted before. This law is
temporary and last up to the 31/12/2023.

B) We found a land of 150 hectares 35km from a main city with a main airport and main tourist harbor-port. It is very rare to find big size field on sale on this Island, especially close by to one of the major cities. 

C) Being a short term stay place, it allows us to improve the entire realization at his best as a testing ground.

D) The land is situated nearby the Mediterranean coast. As we know the sea water will be absolutely essential for our healing techniques and more.

In conclusion, we are planning to take on 4 projects that represent all the four Asaya zones as examples to choose from. The “ex-novo” Asaya city will be
located in the South of Italy, the re-converted one in the center and the combination of both will be in the North of Italy. The resort will be situated in
Sardegna so that we have covered all the Italian territory including the Island. 

After making an agreement of partnership with the Restoration Plan Group, we request a down payment to gather experts to write down a business plan for each of the four projects.

This is what we are committed to undertake.

Summary step by step actions:

Step 1
A socioeconomic and anthropological analysis of the Italian population at this current time.
Step 2
Indication of the criteria of selection to be part of this project.
Step 3
Description of the 4 possibilities of the so-called "Asaya zone" with the examples for each one.
Asset 1
Asset 1
Asset 1
Asset 1
Asset 1
Asset 1
Step 4
Identify the locations for the project.
Step 5
To create a relationship with the local municipalities and businesses.
Step 6
Study the land-forms with a technical staff.
Asset 1
Asset 1
Asset 1
Step 7
Negotiate the price with a pre-contract.
Step 8
Write down a customize Business Plan for each of them.
Step 9
Set up with a lawyer and together with your organization, the most appropriate company and bank account to receive funds and make payments.
Asset 1
Asset 1
Asset 1
Step 10
To buy the land and organize a contract with the mayor or mayors to sign for the re-conversion/conversion of their small cities.
Step 11
Identify and hire architects, engineers, surveyors, masons, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc.
Step 12
Buy all the construction material.
Asset 1
Asset 1
Asset 1
Step 13
Surveillance of the construction site.
Step 14
Interior design.
Step 15
End-of-work job ready to welcome the residents of the "future Asaya zone".

Summary step by step actions:

Step 1
A socioeconomic and anthropological analysis of the Italian population at this current time.
Asset 1
Step 2
Indication of the criteria of selection to be part of this project.
Asset 1
Step 3
Description of the 4 possibilities of the so-called "Asaya zone" with the examples for each one.
Asset 1
Step 4
Identify the locations for the project.
Asset 1
Step 5
To create a relationship with the local municipalities and businesses.
Asset 1
Step 6
Study the land-forms with a technical staff.
Asset 1
Step 7
Negotiate the price with a pre-contract.
Asset 1
Step 8
Write down a customize Business Plan for each of them.
Asset 1
Step 9
Set up with a lawyer and together with your organization, the most appropriate company and bank account to receive funds and make payments.
Asset 1
Step 10
To buy the land and organize a contract with the mayor or mayors to sign for the re-conversion / conversion of their small cities.
Asset 1
Step 11
Identify and hire architects, engineers, surveyors, masons, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc.
Asset 1
Step 12
Buy all the construction material.
Asset 1
Step 13
Surveillance of the construction site.
Asset 1
Step 14
Interior design.
Asset 1
Step 15
End-of-work job ready to welcome the residents of the "future Asaya zone".
Asset 1

The following is a detailed example of an Asaya Brescia City. The one that is a combination between new buildings from scratch and the re-conversion of old ones. All the other projects will be delineated the same way. 

SYNTHETIC REPORT “CITY OF LIGHT-ARCHIPELAGO ONE MYSTIC ROSE” Location: San Giorgio-Fontanelle di Montichiari (Brescia-Lombardy-north Italy)

This green area with plains and hills, flanked by the Chiese river, is located in the province of Brescia on the border with the province of Mantova and just
10 km from Lake Garda, the largest Italian lake. It was chosen by a Committee of 72 Builders of the New Human Civilization, an operational group of Gaia
Planet supported by the Zanetto Foundation, for the extraordinary energy power that emanates from that area of about 25 square kilometers. In that
area there is a Marian Shrine dedicated to Mother Maria Rosa Mystica, frequented by thousands of multiple religious and multi-racial pilgrims, and
two buildings to be restored where there was a monastery occupied by different monastic realities (Benedictines, Augustinians and others) and then
abandoned and transformed into a now abandoned agricultural farmhouse. Another abandoned farmhouse that will be rebuilt by us on the hill of San
Giorgio and transformed into a temple and conference area. 

The project of the City of Light in Montichiari has been contained since 2013 in Chapter 12 of the Decennial Pegasus Project (2019-2028) of Gaia Planet, the World Federation of Archipelagos for the Freedom of Expression of Talents.

THE FIRST PHASE (2021/2022)

of the project involves the purchase of land for about 4 sq km (2 km x 2 km) and restructuring Cascina Cantalode (headquarters) and ancient decadent monastery in San Giorgio Basso and the farmhouses on Colle San Giorgio called San Giorgio Alto. They will be adapted to accommodation for teachers and large rooms for the Academy of Talents and Research Laboratories.
– Renovation of San Giorgio Basso with the restoration of the former Benedictine Monastery which later became an agricultural farmhouse (area about 5000 square meters).
– Creation of multimedia rooms for the training Academy.
– Purchase of land and old San Giorgio Alto farmhouse.
– Renovation of a new complex on the hill with TEMPLE FOR THE CONNECTION OF CONSCIENCES Meditation Rooms – Exhibitions – Conversations – Multimedia Center with easy access roads for the elderly and people with disabilities.


involves the construction of a large Rose Lake, with woods and plants of all kinds, ponds and waterfalls, canals, botanical gardens, paths and windows along a path of about 5 km. Stained glass windows on the type of the Cosmovitral of Toluca in Mexico, with which the Focus of Light of Gaia Planet intend to open a Twinning.

THIRD PHASE (2023-2028)

In the green, along the Hill of San Giorgio and on the adjacent hill, small
houses-dwellings will be built for 1000 inhabitants, especially families with
children who will participate in the new schools to support the personal
talents of each child.
– Purchase of land south of the Colle di San Giorgio and the plateau to the left of Viale dei 144 Tigli, the Entrance Avenue to the City of Light along the Path of the Mystical Rose …
– Construction of pilgrim reception facilities with Cosmovitral type external
– Large water tank arrangement with channels due to convergence of various living areas.
– Houses for 144 Families with 1000 inhabitants.
– Purchase of the north hill.
– Purchase of spaces and structures for agricultural greenhouses and spaces for Pets.

(beyond the year 2028)

provides for the expansion of the City of Light up to and beyond 9 sq km, therefore at the limits of the current historic center of the City of Montichiari. All the houses will be rearranged, the green area will be expanded, all will have white external walls, blue shutters, red tiles, while the streets will be delimited by yellow stripes to indicate the new nascent cities.


The City of Light “Archipelago One-Mystic Rose” will contain Universities and Schools of Talents, Laboratories and meeting rooms for training and
presentation of new patents, accommodation for Teachers of Gaia, accommodation for Delegations of Archipelagos visiting from around the
world, Organic Agriculture, Milk Production and organic eggs, Time Bank, Ethical Bank for Micro-credits, Heated and Unheated Greenhouses, Agri-tourism, Beauty Farm, Riding for Pet Therapy, Shared Gardens and Orchards, Art Exhibitions and Craft Events, Garden of the Righteous, Roll of Gold of Talent Gold, Offices for Archipelagos Telematic Management in the world. THEREFORE THIS IS A SERIES OF BUILDINGS “AT THE SERVICE OF THE PEOPLES” which we believe are the CITIES OF LIGHT under construction in the future by our Gaia Archipelagos, formed by the Unity of Peoples in their diversity of religion, nationality, tradition and freedom of thought.
But all united by the Talent, which every Human Being has possessed since birth, and by the desire for Peace, Harmony, Joy and Freedom in the Research
and Development of their Talents at the Service of their own and others’ Well-being. They are a new Generation City of Light that use a new integrated, self-generating, holistic social method that can:
* Allow the overcoming of the limitations of today’s society (wars, hunger, poverty, exploitation, manipulation, violence, bullying, creation of fictitious desires for the sale of products and services, etc…).
* Having an Economy based on Resources and their preservation.
* Provide goods and services (possibly at zero km).
* Facilitate scientific alliances in compliance with the Laws of Nature.
* Give everyone the opportunity to work collaboratively, a few hours a day, in the countryside and have time for the family, to develop their arts, gifts, talents, and interests.
* Allowing the creation of places for sharing and cultural and spiritual growth, Schools with a new state-of-the-art educational system.
* Encourage places for food health education and natural care, recognition of spontaneous herbs and their use.
* Designing building constructions according to bio-architecture, bio-climatic, organic architecture, with passive solar energy systems, rainwater recycling, recycling and purification of building water with phyto-purification tanks.

Everything will be powered with Clean Renewable Energy (the above-mentioned technologies but also photovoltaic, solar, wind, geothermal, magnetic, etc …), plasma technologies, teaching of self-construction of solar panels, do-it-yourself bio-fuels, etc … Rechargeable electric cars with solar panels .

The director of the Universal Academy of Talents is Maestro Alberto Cogliani Nityanand who adds which will be the Study Classes of his Institute:
a) The New Planetary Renaissance

b) Teaching the relationship between Spirituality and New Technologies 

c) New Global Financial Economic System

d) The importance of Meditation since childhood 

e) The elimination of diseases and medicines

f) Birth of Universal Brotherhood of Peace

THE CITY OF LIGHT will be managed by the Prince of Gaia Archipelago made up of 16 Gaia Patrols, each made up of 9 Operators for a total of 144 Operators, of which a General Secretariat made up of 27 Operators and a Builders Committee with 10 professionals.

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