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DP Defense and Protection from 5G

Technology is only an intermediate step that must lead to the evolution of man in every way, especially the spiritual one. Technology and science must be at the service of man and nature, and not against them … The universe is simple; it has no engines nor mechanisms … It is and it exists … but in the absolute perfection of its Laws, it is valid and functional…

So we will try to implement a simple, effective and affordable technology with the same yardstick … We want to defend and protect human beings and the planet from the serious threat of 5G

The technology is as simple as it is proven to be effective, and after explaining it, we will give you some scientific notes on how it works and on which laws it is based.

The cost is very low or perhaps no cost at all because you only need some electric copper wire (about 50c/m), and most of us already have some; depending on the region, you might also need a plug…

For simplicity, we will call this technology DP (Defense and Protection).

Have you noticed that in cities and shopping centers, trees over 5 meters have been cut down and replaced with 3 meter ones? The reason is written on page 13 of the following report found at this link , where it is clearly stated that very large trees do not allow the passage of the 5G signal.

With this technology, you will have the effect from 2 to 4 trees of 57 meters for each 100 sq m apartment. The condominiums will have the effect of a forest. This will create benefits for the people who will live in those houses, as they will be protected, and also for the trees because it will be useless to continue cutting them… So, a benefit for humans, animals and trees…

There is no longer any doubt about the relationship between 5G (and in particular the frequency of 60GHz, see this link and this link on COVID . The 5G microwaves create the effects and the virus gives the final blow to a body already in a critical health condition.

We point out that the forest fires that occurred in the last two or so years had the specific purpose of bringing the total oxygen available below a certain threshold. This is the reason why they have been without any logic and in several countries.

By creating an irradiation with microwaves at a frequency of 60 GHz, 5G increases the spin speed of the outer electrons of the O2 oxygen molecules. To ascertain this effect on the molecules, just consult any physics text on how a mass spectrometer works; for example, this one.

According to quantum mechanics, an electromagnetic wave increases the spin number of the molecule while absorbing photonic energy. This alters the spin balance that is needed to allow connection with hemoglobin. To bind to oxygen, hemoglobin needs a slow spin of the outer O2 electrons, but not finding it, the body falls into immediate hypoxia. This explains why people suddenly fall dead in the street, and the same thing happens to birds flying in that area.

The important thing to understand is that the frequency and the energy that is fed into that frequency are two distinct things.


An example that can easily make this concept understood is the radio station.

When we are in the car listening to a radio station, we may have difficulty listening to it or it may completely disappear because we moved to an area where another station has the same signal frequency, but more powerful because those repeaters are emitting more energy into that signal.


Those who already have the DPE 100 are already protected from this. Those who do not should protect themselves.




The operation is simple …. If your house uses piped water radiators for heating, connect a single electric wire (the one normally used for the home’s electrical network) one end to a radiator (choose a point without paint to optimize the transmission of energy, see picture) and the other end to the earth socket (therefore not the positive nor the negative, see picture). The earthing socket in Italy is the central one, and it can be checked with a phase detector or a multimeter tester. In other regions, the earth connection is different, so you might have to fit a plug with only the earth cable connected.

By law, the earth socket must be connected to the earth through a zinc or copper pole or rod, usually placed in the ground. If you can connect the cable directly to the rod, that would be the best option. Please make sure the earth socket is actually connected.

This solution is the most practical if you live in an apartment. Otherwise, if you live on the ground floor or in the countryside, you should connect it to a zinc or copper stake well planted in the ground.




The antennas… The branches and foliage of the tree ...

Generally, the thermal conductivity of a material is proportional to its electrical conductivity, also defined as “conductance”; this indicates to what degree electrons can flow through a conductor.

The radiators are made of an excellent metallic thermal conductor (aluminum, copper, cast iron) and this makes them good electrical conductors as a structure, and therefore being all connected, they act as antennas, which collect energy in all parts of the house and are a preferential channel, much more than the human body. This is fundamental because it means that they will absorb the energy before it gets to the body.

The water from the heating system ... ... The sap of the tree ...

The water from the heating system … … The sap of the tree …

The water contained in the radiators corresponds to the sap of the trees, a real obstacle for 5G.

In fact, other types of structures such as monuments or obelisks have not been demolished because they are not a problem, but water is… Daytime and seasonal water storage was studied in three large 57 meter tall Douglas firs (Pseudotsuga menziesii [Mirb.] Franco) at the Wind River Canopy Crane Research site.

On certain days between the end of July and the beginning of October, when the daily perspiration varied from 150 to 300 liters, the quantity of stored water used every day varied from 25 to 55 liters, that is approximately 20% of the total daily flow of sap. A heating system for an area of 100 sq m can contain between 90 and 200 liters of water.Therefore, corresponding to the water stored from 2 to 4 Douglas firs of 57 meters …

What if the building has no heating system with radiators?

An alternative is to connect the wire to the metal pipe or other metal part in contact with the water from the bathroom drain. It contains on average no less than 10 liters of water (this will not work with plastic plumbing).

The use of the toilet alone represents an average of 30% of the water consumption of a house therefore an average of 60 liters for each member of the family. For a family of 4, this would correspond to 240 liters per day. Connecting to the toilet cistern is the third option.

We show you a possible configuration of this type of alternative:

Insert one end of the electric cable without the insulating cover directly into the drain pan of the bathroom.

Wrap the wire on any metal mesh or connect it, for example, to a metal window or an iron railing in

order to increase the uptake, since you need a good antenna that is able to absorb the signal.

Connect the end of the cable with the insulating part to the earth.

Another very important information is that if during the day you touch the antenna with your fingers you have the possibility to instantly discharge the electrostatic charges that you accumulate during the day; in this way you will receive the same benefits that you would have if you walked barefoot on the grass. In the links below you can find more information on the dangers and reasons of what was just explained: Grounding ……. The roots of the tree … The connection of the installation to the earth has the effect of the roots: this allows you to draw the energy captured and accumulated by branches and sap, and constantly discharge it into the soil. We performed tests with specific equipment and we found a progressive decrease in the amount of energy in the frequency. To understand what scientific laws this simple concept is based on, we must analyze a specific configuration of the Faraday cage and what happens if we do not make this modification…

In Italy, for example, houses are usually built of concrete with iron frames….This structure in itself makes them Faraday cages , so if we have sources of electromagnetic waves, wifi, microwave or other transmissions, they will tend to stay largely inside the home and therefore create effects which cause an increased risk of cancer , cellular stress, an increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damage, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory impairments, neurological disorders and the negative impact on the general well-being of human beings – insomnia, migraine, lymphoma, leukemia, etc. …


In electromagnetic waves, the electric and magnetic field are variable in a period of time, so a charge placed on the internal surface will have an effect only for a short period of time, since the charge carriers will return to distribute themselves evenly and fairly on the two walls, but the conductor will no longer be overall neutral; therefore, half of the charge initially in the cavity will be on the internal surface and half on the external one, therefore the two walls will have the same charge with the same sign. We will therefore have an insulation that is not total, so that also the waves that we receive from the outside must be added together and considering the power charge, which can have a decisive influence on our state of health.

If the cage is on the ground, the excess charges will go to the ground instead of the external surface, so the internal surface and the internal charge cancel each other and the rest of the cage will maintain a neutral charge and this constitutes an effective safety device. The same happens if the excess charge is placed on the external surface. We were asked about measuring the earthing of the radiator with a multimeter, without using the electric wire. We can confirm that this configuration is not suitable, because it can only disperse the energy in a partial and slow way, while with the connection with the wire to the earth there is a total, instantaneous and continuous discharge.

We are about to design a much more advanced and precise system for the protection of people and animals living inside the building. (APS Advanced Protection System) In the case of buildings located very close to or in front of a 5G repeater, it is possible to integrate the system described above with another simple system.

Take an old satellite dish, like those you use with your TV, and completely cover the concave surface with copper tape, point the dish as precisely as possible towards the repeater and connect the dish to the ground.

For this type of configuration, part of the microwaves will bounce back towards the repeater, drastically decreasing the signal, while the excess will be discharged into the earth.

It seems important to us to underline that it is possible that in the future large quantities of energy will be used in microwaves for purposes that we do not know. In this case, to have the maximum protection, we recommend using the following precautions, also in combination with each other and installing as many as you want.

In summary, these are the solutions to protect yourself from 5G:

  • The DPE 100 protects the house and a large surrounding area, not only from microwaves but also from extreme weather events and many other factors.
  • The DP only protects the interior of the house and, if you want, you can install one in several rooms. The satellite dish is for defense from a specific direction.
  • Nano Soma is a special supplement for the defense and internal protection of your body, as it regenerates the body from microwave damage through the exponential strengthening of the immune system by increasing Vitamin D3 and creating Vitamin C endogenously to levels above what can be achieved with a daily oral intake of 10-25 grams of vitamin C.
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