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DPE 100



In the present report we show that the man has cut 80% of the trees that the earth had before and has not bothered to replace them with something that fulfilled the same function. This has created a drastic reduction and rupture of the Magnetosphere and consequently of the Ozone layer with the effects described below. Science has not yet understood the work done by trees simply because it has not understood how the Earth and in general the gravitational forces work.

We will also give you a hint below about this. We had to make further efforts and redesign new and more powerful equipments due to evolving of dramatic events: terrible fires in Siberia, Amazonia, Europe and America have created a further weakening of the Earth’s Magnetosphere and this is going to trigger a chain effect that we will stop only with your help.

With the basic version of the DPE 100 we truly have a device able of replacing the work of chlorophyll’s photosynthesis of about 100,000 trees. So it is necessary to install at least 200,000 to get the work of 20,000,000,000 trees and completely restore the Magnetosphere field.

This is a rapid response in a situation of extreme emergency since we only have a few years left to solve the problem. But we know our limits as human beings and we have to let Nature do what even the best of technologies can do like She. Today we have 35% less oxygen than we normally need for the life of animals and humans. With the additional fires that have occurred, this percentage has further increased, which means that the children, the elderly, the weak, all the populations with nutritional deficiencies are the first to have survival difficulties, no one should be left behind ….

Humanity has already had similar experiences, such as the one in London on December 5th , 1952 when a thick blanket of fog fell over the city due to the saturation of carbon dioxide for the coal production plant causing at least 12 thousand deaths of all ages, to which must be added over 100 thousand sick. Despite this, coal has continued to be produced and this type of information has been reduced or hidden.

For this reason we have planned, at a later stage, the idea of creating a foundation that will be called “SAVE MY EARTH” that will be able to donate10 Paulownia trees for each DPE 100 sold, using a portion of sales income. We have chosen this type of tree due to it is fast growing and with broad leaves and is able to produce 3 times the amount of oxygen compared to a normal tree. We will explain further details in a small technical sheet.



• REGENERATION of the Magnetosphere at the positioning point.
• REGENERATION of the Ozone layer.
• DRASTIC reduction of earthquake size.
• DRASTIC reduction of large meteorological phenomena such as hurricanes, water bombs, hail with oversized ice grains.
• DRAINING total electromagnetic pollution harmful to humans and animals but not to technological devices.
• RESTORATION of the sky and air quality as before the industrial era.
• DRASTIC reduction of Radioactivity.
• DRASTIC Radon gas reduction.
• Positioned along the coast it re-harmonizes frequencies cetaceans (whales, dolphins, etc.) use to navigate and therefore avoiding stranding.


• Nutritional values of fruit and vegetables doubled or tripled.
• Healthier plants with greener foliage.
• DRASTIC reduction of damage in agriculture due to extraordinary meteorological phenomena.
• Doubling of plants and their resistance to pathogens.
• Sensitive increase in the immune system of plants.


REDUCTION of the incidence of pathologies related to excessive microwave radiation such as leukemia, lymphomas, breast tumors, epithelial melanomas, brain tumors, changes in cell permeability, metabolism variation, changes in the glandular functions, the immune system, of the central nervous system and behavior, DNA damage. For radiated electromagnetic power density greater than 50 milliwatts / cm2: possible brain lesions influence on cell growth, fetal malformations, internal burns, cataracts, death from heart attack. Other non-thermal or chronic effects for intensity lower than that, which determines the thermal effects, are the variation in the number of lymphocytes and granulocytes (experiments on cells), variations in the level of antibodies and macrophage activity (experiments on animals), tachycardia pain to the eyes, dizziness, depression, limitation of learning ability, memory loss, hair loss. In the countries of Eastern Europe, studies have also shown: sterility, increased abortions, lowered fertility. According to the US Environment Agency (EPA), out of eight epidemiological studies, five have shown statistically significant risks associated with: lymphatic and haemopoietic neoplasm total cancers in inhabitants (Hawaii) in close proximity to radio frequency (RF) towers, cancer of the hematopoietic system (leukemia, lymphoma and lymphosarcoma, melanoma and exposure to radiation (RF) in Polish officers and military personnel.


DPE 100

Designed for small extensions, such as condominiums, villas, ideal for cities.


Designed for large extensions such as farms, farms, industries, agricultural crops, livestock and cattle pastures.


(Symphony of the Earth)
In planning for very large extensions, achievable at the request of governments for uses of protection of the nation.


These are the meteorological improvements on the environment: images are better than any word…


10 July 2019 – Hurricane area of 250 sq. Km


2 August 2019 – Hurricane not formed of 180 sq. Km


Before positioning the DPE SHIELD, several measurements of the microwaves have been recorded with time, temperature and humidity conditions. The equipment used is the Electronsmog Meter (100 Mhz – 8 Ghz) by Cornet Microsystem Inc. mod. ED 88T Plus. We checked the consistency of a difference between the different measurements before and after the installation of the DPE, also compared in different conditions of humidity and temperature.

During the days, more surveys were made with both short and extended times.

All measurements were carried out at 3 meters distance and 2 meters high from the DPE.

In the test below, the 2 most representative one-minute measurements with half a second for each reading were considered, and the relative videos are also available. The first one was registered on Aug 22nd 2019 before the installation of the DPE and the second on Aug 27th 2019, ie 4 days after it was activated.

From the tabs, it can be deduced a difference of reduction on a constant rhythmic source of microwaves.

The difference of 844 between the two readings must be divided by congruity of detection calculation by 120, which are the number of readings in 60 seconds made by the ED 88T Plus meter. The acquisition time of 1/2 second determines a closer accuracy since it is a very short span of time.

From here we get the value of 7.03 mW / m2

From here we can see a reduction in the measured electrosmog of about 7.03 mW / m2, corresponding to 17% less than the measurement without DPE intervention.

To get a rough idea of the power absorbed by the DPE we consider that the DPE acts in a volumetric space of a paraboloid having the radius of 1 Km and the height of 200 Km. Assuming for simplicity of calculation that the absorption is uniform and considering the flow of radiation that impacts on the surface of the paraboloid, an estimate of the absorbed power can be made through the following calculation:

  • the surface of the paraboloid can be approximated to the lateral surface of a cylinder with a radius of 1km and a height of 200km
  • the power is then calculated as the flux of the absorbed radiation considering the surface of the paraboloid

Since the surface of the paraboloid can be approximated with the formula:

 S = 2π r × h

the cylinder surface is approximately 1,256 km2.

The power that is obtained is 7.03 mW / m2 * 1.256 Km2 = 8.83 MW

This is the measurable energy absorption power of the DPE, now we want to measure it over time so we have to consider 8.83 MW / h (power energy over time for 1 hour). If we multiply this figure for 24 hours we will have as much as 211.92 MW per day.

211.92 MW Energy Absorption per Day

This is the scientific demonstration of how the strength of a power of a meteorological event, of an earthquake and of other static energies dangerous for man and the environment in the DPE area can be diminished.

We specify that this is only one of the measured energies but in reality the greatest work of the DPE takes place at the level of subtle energies extremely difficult to measure.


Alternatives to this type of solution are very few and are the right ones, they could only be systems similar to ours and therefore with a direct connection to the ground with ground discharge.

On the market it is possible to buy equipment or even very expensive systems that are portable, to put at home or smaller to carry with them that would block the RF of the microwaves. These devices have no demonstrable scientific evidence with reliable and irrefutable tests as we believe they cannot function according to the laws of physics.

As for fabrics that would shield from 5G or microwaves in general, they are the result of pure commercial needs, not designed by any in-depth scientific research. In fact, even though the shielding is true, the damage caused is far worse than the microwaves themselves.

In fact the effect obtained is to close in a microwave oven and turn it on slowly. Let’s see why …

Asset 1

The heat is not perceived by the internal organs as the thermal cutaneous sensors are external and therefore a slow cooking takes place day by day as the shielding clothes create a Faraday cage exactly like that of the microwave ovens; in fact you can notice on the glass of the oven small metal lines to keep the microwaves out. So microwaves penetrate both from the uncovered areas and bounce inside the body as they can’t get out of it overheat.

Asset 2
The second source of heat is due to the friction of the microwaves outside the fabric that generate heat inside for a resonance effect. Also this type of resonance creates the heat starting from the center of the body towards the outside so that it does not become perceptible by the sensors of the skin temperature. The resonance effect and the heat propagation direction are explained and shown in the link below. The ideal oscillation frequency for humans is exactly the same as in the microwave experiment with grapes, ie 10 Hz. Since this is only a summary it is possible to read our scientific presentation or visit this link.
Asset 1

The exposure of the body to the points mentioned above creates an alteration of the biomagnetism of the body. To understand how this happens, do the following test, we did it. We measured the microtesla without a magnet and they were 20,022 microtesla. Then we took a magnet and measured the 412.00 microtesla that were in that specific position and distance. We wrapped the magnet in a plastic bag and exposed for 60 sec to 2428 MHz. We immediately measured the magnet again in the same position and distance but the microtesla had gone down to 296.86. Another important detail was that the magnet became very hot. we cooled with running water and dried and the microtesla had fallen further to 67,179. In a certain sense it is very similar to what it is currently happening to the earth and we are in this situation.


CASE 1 – Sardinia
Davide, aged 54, lives in Sardinia (Italy) as a building contractor, and is a highly educated man. For 25 years he has been suffering from uncontrolled tremors and sweats that disrupt his sleep at night. He tried to solve the problem from the medical point of view by spending large sums of money on visits and neurological therapies but without success, and his condition continued to worsen, and this was creating big problems with concentration in his work. The inventor of the DPE 100 immediately understood that the cause of the problem was electromagnetic pollution; in fact, the person has been living in the same place for 35 years. This pollution is caused by stray electromagnetic currents combined with geopathies. So, with the help of the Engineer Prof. Elio S. electronic engineer as well as an industrial electronic expert specialized also in electromagnetic pollution, he went with the inventor to do a verification of the environmental situation and see how the DPE 100 interacted with electromagnetic pollution. A small hole was dug and the DPE 100 was installed, and the device filled with water. A drastic reduction in electromagnetic pollution values was noted and a further confirmation of the reduction was when Mr. Davide confirmed that he had slept beautifully and without tremors for the first time, something that had not happened for years.
CASE 2 - Veneto
Two children of Francesca T. from Veneto (Italy) presented classic radiation burns, where the detachment of significant skin portions occurred, with severe pain, insomnia, etc. The parents had taken them to the best specialist doctors throughout Europe without finding a solution. After many difficulties, the father happened to meet the inventor of the DPE 100, who immediately explained to him that his children had damage due to radiation exposures and that with a portable version of the DPE 100 with special ground connections, it could immediately solve the problem. Indeed, within 3 days the boys had returned to normal. Needless to say, the parents were skeptical at first because they did not know that high-voltage electrical cables were running under their house, but the strongest emotion was seeing their children completely restored. Their feeling of gratitude was truly profound.
CASE 3 – Lombardy
Testimony of Claudio L. in the Lombardy region (Italy). On 11 June 2019 a hailstorm with hailstones of 4 cm in diameter caused considerable damage in the villages near Lucca, but in the area where the DPE 100 was positioned, only rain occurred. A witness was amazed to see the circular coverage area of more than 1 km radius produced by the DPE 100, outside of which large hailstones fell, causing widespread damage in the entire area outside of the DPE 100’s protected zone.
CASE 4 – Puglia
Testimony of Giovanni L. in the Puglia region (Italy). He could see a positive change in the climate; more harmonious with less temperature changes, the sky clearer, the daylight different and the air has become lighter and cleaner; different. A surprising finding was that the bad smells of a farm with 300 horses, 700m distant and those of a farm with a thousand cows a further km away, disappeared. An increase in sleep quality and consistent strengthening of the immune system occurred after one month. Minimum stay of chemtrails and their displacement outside the area of the DPE. An increase in sleep quality. He also noted a considerable reduction in the number of predicted extreme weather forecasts and those that actually occurred. It is surprising to see, again, the thunderstorms we used to see as children and that we had already forgotten. Although heavy weather was forecast with hail, the meteorological situation was moderate over the entire area of action of the DPE, but outside the area the expected meteorological situation occurred. Watch video here.
CASE 5 – Emilia Romagna
Testimony by Daniele G. in the Emilia Romagna region (Italy). He also confirmed the different and positive meteorological situation within the area of the DPE 100. The different air quality, the better quality of sleep, the decrease in stress and the feeling of living as in a "protected" area. Normal rainfall occurs, unlike the forecast weather.

Motivation “The reasons for my purchase of the DPE are multiple. Of course, the protection from 5G and extreme weather events are upfront. But also, the potential health benefits and last but not least the contribution to restoring health to Mother Earth. And I also am an early adopter for new technologies, so I 'had to have it '.”

Results “I earlier reported a noticeable improvement in sleep quantity and quality. This has eroded a little because I have many restless nights, due to the heavy energies around us. Sadly, the DPE cannot save me from that. If I sleep, however, the sleep is deeper and I feel more rested in the morning. I earlier reported on the reduction of the smoke and smell of the yearend fireworks. Within 30 minutes all was removed. As for the several healing wishes I have, it's probably too early to be able to get real results. I feel that the DPE, the Advanced Technology 7 Health Pad and the NANO SOMA together are a beautiful mix that will work its wonders later on.”
CASE 6 – Giovanni
The DPE 100 creates a zone of about 500 metres in radius where nature responds very positively. “I explain now why and my experience. I planted a vegetable garden and the plants grew luxuriantly, and this allowed me to have an excellent survival rate of those that I planted. However, the most amazing factor is that the DPE has made their immune system strong to such an extent that they are almost completely protected from parasites. Caterpillars and other pests have always been a problem in previous years. Another very important factor is that I only watered when I planted but the plants grow and develop as if they received water every day. Also, I noticed another strange thing. Usually when other “weeds” grow next to the vegetables, it is common practice in agriculture to eradicate them because they take nourishment and water from the vegetables. When I tried to do this, the nearby vegetable garden started to dry out, as if these plants were now more sensitive. A month ago, I put 10 hens in an area near the DPE. After the first week, they became more docile. After a month, they approached to be caressed, but the most interesting thing is that the breeder who sold them to me told me to cut the wing feathers or otherwise they will fly away. I didn't want to cut them and left them the choice to go away or stay. They all continue to remain. Even the eggs are bigger.”

The sun is hitting the earth with large amounts of radiations, to which the cosmic ones are added, all of which overheats the planet and reduces the strength of the earth’s magnetic field, which prevents it from accumulating inside it so that it can enhance the magnetosphere. The details of this process are explained in our scientific presentation.

This has a further effect on man as the parameters of the 7.8 Hz of the Schumann resonance change which currently has reached 16.5 Hz with peaks up to 30 Hz. The 7.8 Hz frequency has been for miles of years almost always the same and the human brain is created and harmonized with it, the sudden change creates imbalances with the alpha and theta waves of the brain and its activity.


“I installed the DPE100 on the North side of my house this past Saturday the 11th of April. There was a very large storm system approaching the North Eastern United States, due to hit our area late Sunday night (Easter Sunday) and all of Monday, the 13th. The forecast was for very heavy rain and strong winds all Monday. I awoke Monday morning to heavy rain and mild winds gusts. As the morning progressed, patches of blue sky appeared above our house and around the immediate vicinity. This continued throughout the day and by 3pm the rain had left and we were left with mild breezes and a decent day. I spoke to several people in the area, who were surprised that we did not get the bad effects of the storm. Yes, I replied, I guess we got lucky! Also, I would like to note that the national weather service was calling for localized tornadoes in our area. None materialized. We did get some heavy cloudbursts which lasted maybe 10 minutes or so, then moved on, but NO violent weather. I am absolutely convinced the DPE 100 shredded portions of this storm to bits in our immediate area. This is ground-breaking technology. I would also confirm the calm feeling that seems to permeate our home. Everything used to feel energized, but now it seems to be more tranquil. I am so happy I purchased my DPE 100. At least I have helped several 100 people in my area of coverage and they hopefully are living calmer lives. I write this letter as a testimonial to others who may be considering purchasing a unit. If you are “on the fence”, as the saying goes, take the plunge. You will not regret it. I will continue to update your customers as the weeks and months go by. Sincerely”
Mark Harrison
April 15, 2020
“I have a DPE100 in the ground near the FT Lauderdale International Airport. My good friend, Charlie, lives close to the airport. He practices alternative medicine and he, along with many of his patients, is very sensitive to EMF/RF frequencies. I thought Dr. Charlie’s would be a good place to test it. It was easy to plant in the ground and we immediately noticed a different feeling inside his condo unit. Charlie said that it was a feeling of stillness and calm and sometimes he felt like yelling just to see if he could break the calmness. Several of his clients noticed it, too, and one said, “Hey Charlie, what have you done? It feels different in here.” He was 2 not complaining. I knew what he was talking about. I don’t often feel those subtle energies, but I know something good is going on at his condo. I live in an area that often gets hit by extreme weather conditions such as cloudbursts, tornadoes and hurricanes. I know that the weather can be manipulated, energized and even guided. I was looking for insurance, something that offered some protection and I have found it in the DPE100. Let me explain. There was a cloudburst in February. I was going to visit Charlie and the rain was torrential. Cars were stalled on the Interstate highway and flooding was everywhere. It was slow going but when I got about 1.5 miles from Charlie’s, the rain almost completely stopped. It was just a slight drizzle when I got to his place. I stayed there for two hours and then left. I got about 1.5 miles away and the downpour started again, but not at Charlie’s! Here is something else that was encouraging. I planted the DPE100 next Charlie’s condo and a large, old bush. After a week, we noticed that the bush was sprouting new growth, and it seems that the shape of the bush has also changed. The branches seem to be growing out of the shade and moving into a position that provides more direct sunlight. I almost forgot to mention this - Charlie, can see more stars at night. We almost never see stars around here. They get lost in all the stuff that is being sprayed day and night above us. Pretty amazing. I give the DPE100 five stars *****. It is a winner!!! Thank you.”
April 17, 2020
Harvey subsequently videoed the “blue eye” above his DPE that several have reported. Here is his brief video of this phenomenon.
Harvey – Update
April 27, 2020
“As for the big storm, the rain came and gave us 2 inches, with double that and more, higher up the mountain, but the warning for us here in town was for a wind storm. It never came. We have had a couple of wind storms this winter, but not last night, and the warning was just for last night and this morning.”
January 2021
“Have had it in the ground nine days. Had the second mother of all storms. Weather Channel radar showed us in purple and that color is new. Highest threat level. No damage at the farm. Neighbor in front of me lost a chestnut tree. Looked like it was put in a blender. Nearby eight 100-year-old pecan trees and no damage at the adjacent little farm... Nothing on my 78-acre farm was damaged. Six miles away a huge area near the county road had hundreds of big trees toppled and more than 500 trees looked like the blender got them at about 10 feet from the ground; very strange. The Weather Channel predicted lots of rain with the storm but we got about an inch of slow rain, just like with the storm last week. Storm damage to the county from Sunday night’s mega storm was over 100 million dollars, just in this county!!! Pictures in the local paper show damage everywhere and one man was killed by a falling tree. He was a PhD at the local college. The DPE was obviously working. There are two more weather systems that are predicted to pass over here in the next week. Both are predicted to bring severe weather and lots of rain. I will keep you posted.”
Dr. Bill McFarland
“We have now had four mega storms in three weeks and not one bit of damage to the farm. Others in the county have had roofs torn off and in town seven miles away, not a single street without trees down and severe damage to commercial buildings, as well as homes in the town. As I drive thru town, I am very blessed to have the DPE 100.”
Dr. Bill McFarland
Update May 1, 2020
“Had another storm Friday night and it broke up over me and I got a little wind only. Wish I could afford the big unit. That would scare the weather mod guys.”
Dr. Bill McFarland
Update May 10, 2020
“I look at thousands of Pecan trees every week after a strong thunderstorm in this area. Big tree branches down almost everywhere. I have three big pecan trees in my yard and not a single tree branch ripped off since installing the DPE100 in the late winter at my farm. Outstanding crop of apples, pears and especially scuppernongs (grapes) this year. Thank you, again.”
Dr. Bill McFarland
Update August 30, 2020
“All is well here. 35 mph wind gusts for the last 24 hours but lots of rain and more to come tonight and tomorrow. Not excessively hard rain here and no flooding at the farm. Office is two miles away and all is ok here, also. People 40-50 miles south of here and on the coast not so lucky. Over 500,000 without electricity and many without phone service. Smart people do not build or buy when the elevation is 2-5 feet above sea level. However, I know some really dumb ones who have lost all their cars, homes and anything else of value because they had to live near the ocean. The blue top on the DPE100 is a great sight when I walk up the hill at my farm. No damage anywhere on the farm or close neighbors who are benefiting for free. Hope the rain clouds break up later today. Will keep you posted.”
Dr. Bill McFarland
Update September 16, 2020 in the midst of Hurricane Sally
“The back end of Hurricane Sally literally broke into multiple very small isolated showers a few hours ago over this area. Forecast changed to light rain, now, and also partial sun all day (Thursday). Weather radar indicates at 1am, thirty or more small showers over a wide area here in south Alabama. Absolutely no flooding or ground erosion at the farm. No pecan tree limbs down or oak tree limbs down anywhere on the 78 acres. I can also report that there is no damage or excessive rain at my office, which is about 2 miles from the farm. There is a tree line 40 feet behind the office and no damage and no fallen limbs on or near any of the three buildings at the office complex. I plan to get a second unit in a few months to extend coverage on an expensive and very large barn I had built 17 years ago. The barn is almost a mile from the current unit. Today’s cost for a new barn would be out of my reach. The DPE100 is really very cheap insurance, in my opinion. I am also extremely concerned with EMP issues along with 5G and I believe those concerns are a non-issue today. It is hard to explain the calm feeling I feel at the farm. I almost forgot that the pecans are at full maturity on the farm, almost two months early. My neighbor in front of the farm also has full maturity on his seven-hundred-year-old pecan trees. Richard can explain what is happening with the pecans better than me. Thanks to everyone who has worked on the DPE 100 project.”
Dr. Bill McFarland
Update September 17, 2020 in the midst of Hurricane Sally
“When we finally installed it, we took careful note of how we (a lady who lives here and me) were breathing. Both of us were able to breathe more easily within two or three minutes of installing the unit, which rather surprised me. I didn't think it would be as quick as that. I have got a bit of a chest problem and it's been helped enormously by taking a dessertspoonful of overproof rum. Just as the day changes into night, I can feel the chest tighten a little bit. Now, I don't get that feeling. I’m still having the rum, but since that unit’s been installed, that tightening has gone. I’m virtually a teetotaller, so drinking overproof rum, even a small quantity, was quite a learning experience!!! The other thing that's most remarkable is that the animals here are quieter. We have horses and dogs and their behaviour changed overnight. The whole place is more placid. Also, a person that lives in the same house here had had a very bad fall from a horse 18 months ago and was still walking quite stiffly and with great difficulty. Everyone’s been giving a bit of a hand and have done what they can to help, but since the DPE 100’s been installed, something's happened and his body is much looser. So now we're getting somewhere and he's walking much, much better.

Although this is difficult to show to others, my intuition has improved dramatically since the DPE 100’s been installed.”
April 21, 2020
“It is about a month now since I installed my DPE 100. Two days after, a storm with strong winds and hail tried to visit us from west and bent to North at the hidden border of the DPE. We had a gentle rain instead. The phenomenon repeated itself several times during the month, with drizzle when it was pouring rain nearby. But the most fascinating is the repeated formation of a blue eye circle in the sky when everywhere else is still strongly cloudy. The first place to dissipate fog is above my property. So, it really affects weather and creates a kind of microclimate.I have noticed that plants are growing faster and healthier. The man who is taking care of the vegetable garden doesn’t understand what is happening.

More birds and new species are coming as well. I have been trained in Biogeometry and checked the vibratory qualities of the DPE. It does counterbalance strongly the Geopathic discrepancies and installs a positive and healing field. It has all the same color frequencies and qualities of power places and healing spots, plus a strong component of blue emanating from the Earth. I have noticed that it has a soothing and comfortable action on positive people, but negative ones don’t appreciate it and leave. Perhaps, with time, they would harmonise as well? I am very glad to have found this device. It would be nice to have an intermediate model between the DPE 100 and its big brother (DPE Shield). 15 kms would be ideal (and maybe more financially affordable) to install a stronger microclimate and create a positive influence to the community."
Thierry May
“Well as you can see in the , Hurricane Isaias is causing lots of damage up the East Coast of USA. It was still a Tropical storm when it came by the Florida East Coast this past Saturday night and Sunday day, August 1 and 2, 2020. I took the precautions of tying things down that might fly around and covering a few plants, but that was all. Then I waited. There was very little wind, and very little rain. When the TV Weather news came on… the reporters were scratching their heads, because the storm came straight up the Florida East Coast, but when it got to my area of Lantana and Lake Worth, FL, it bent around it to the East, like a curve ball in a baseball game, making a perfect half-moon bend before it returned to the Coast and got back on track. Now I realize my DPE100 goes out only 2 miles around, and I am 10 miles from the Beach, and the storm center was about 30 miles off the shoreline. But the DPE100 also goes up 200 miles into the air, so I have to believe, that it did something… a wonderful miracle trick… and caused that curve ball to protect my area.”
Rev. Merriam Joan Handy
“It has been interesting to notice the effects on our environment since we installed our DPE 100. We feed a semi-feral, older beautiful feline that has taken up residence on our back porch. During the warm weather months, we have had a high failure rate beating small black ants to her left-over food left twice a day and picked up within an hour. Putting her food bowls in larger flat bowls surrounding her food with a moat, has been pretty effective. From day one, the small black ants disappeared! The small moat is no longer necessary!!! Our home is ruled by two, older, female felines. Both seem to be calmer, and more playful with us and each other. The energy in and around our home, does seem to be calmer. Our bird feeders are being emptied faster than ever. It seems our bird population has exploded!! These are just a few observations.”
Christine July
“I have had the DPE for a year and a half and I continue to find that it creates an oasis of well-being, which makes a difference that is easily perceived when you leave its coverage area. In fact, if a person has chronic pain, which may arise from different pathologies, they can verify a considerable pain reduction when they are inside the coverage area. Even my parents, despite being very old, are drawn to visit me much more often because they feel much better and experience a much more serene state of well-being.”
February, 2021
“We’re eagerly looking forward to receiving and starting the NANO SOMA. And BTW, we’re totally loving what the DPE is doing for us and wishing we’d gotten it much sooner!! You were right ... the installation was no big deal. And I did follow your suggestion and painted the protruding piece. Blends in with the surroundings and is much less noticeable. Thank you for that!!”
November, 2020
“We have had our DPE 100 for about 3 weeks now. One of the things we have realized is that we are sleeping much deeper. Every month we work with a quantum physics energy healer and he measures the level of our adrenals. At our regular scheduled appointment (after only 3 weeks of the DPE 100 being installed), he checked our adrenals and saw positive increase in both my husband and myself. He said he has never seen this level of increase in just one month’s time; it usually improves at a much slower rate - if at all. I then told him about the DPE 100 - we are excited to see as time goes on all the health benefits! Thank you for making this product available!”
“I wanted to send you another update for our DPE 100. It’s been two more months since the install and we continue to see an increase in positive results. My spouse and myself had a second check-up (since install) from our practitioner and, again, he was impressed by the increase in our numbers that measure our health. Our adrenals measured more improvement and are some of the highest he has seen in our age range. Sleep continues to be amazingly peaceful and it is rare that we don't have a great night’s rest. Our garden is also showing changes. We are in Minnesota and normally by this time of year, the tomato plants are dried up and done producing any new fruit. Right now, ours are still producing fruit and the branches are very healthy and full of lush leaves. Here is a photo taken of the tomato plants today - we have never had them looking this wonderful so late in the season (October 9, 2020). Thank you for making this amazing device available.”
Carol - Update
“We have noticed some benefits from the DPE100:
• our immediate environment and air seem to be more vibrant and energy-charged
• the weather is more severe thunderstorms
• lots of magnificent rainbows when thunderstorms are in the vicinity
• we have more of a feeling of well being
• better quality rests and sleep
• greater appearance and activity of local fauna: birds, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, ground hogs
After only 1 week from installation, we can tentatively conclude that the DPE100 seems to be working.”
Paul H.
“I wanted to share these photos of the “Blue Eye” above our home in Pennsylvania and specifically the Chemtrail being torn apart by the DPE100. We have not had Chemtrails in our area for approximately 2 weeks, a welcome surprise. I was actually outside cooking on the grill and when I looked up. I was surprised to see this line trail. I must say that when I first saw the trail it was thicker and more defined. It very quickly was dispersed, to my surprise. As those who are aware and watch these horrible abominations, they gradually spread out in the sky and leave it a milky white, blocking out the sun. Not so today! The trail was dispersed unlike anything I have seen before. I am firmly convinced the DPE100 was directly responsible for this. I urge all people to save your money to purchase one of these units. It may just save your life in these uncertain times. And yes, I have a consistent “Blue eye” above and around our house and parts of our small city near the house. This device is no joke. Thank you to our Brothers and Sisters for this technology. I know my DPE100 has given me a peace of mind, both literally and figuratively. And the birds and squirrels and rabbits, oh my, how happy they are! The birds are constantly singing and chirping! I saw a rabbit sunning himself between some flower beds and when he saw me, he barely moved as I slowly approached him. He was so laid back I thought he was injured. He finally got up and hopped away, but I have never seen a rabbit so passive! He was just soaking in the rays and enjoying life without harmful radiation and 5G bombarding him! What a treat this device is.”
Mark Harrison
June 18, 2020
“We installed our DPE100 about a month ago on our country property. We are not in an area where we experience hurricanes or severe weather disturbances, other than in the wintertime with more severe snowstorms or snowfalls. We have just entered our Fall season. So far, we have noticed a greater calmness and serenity on our property, along with a feeling of safety. We have also noticed a huge difference when we re-enter onto our property; a feeling of groundedness and centeredness – it’s as if we stepped into our own invisible bubble of sanity and harmony, out of the world of confusion and chaos that is going on in the world and our cities. We have noticed more birds around our home. Our guests who have visited our property have also reported feeling peaceful and harmonious; feeling very comforted. We’re sure we’ll notice more as we progress into our winter months. We feel most delighted with our DPE100 investment.”
Dr. Sabina DeVita
October 27, 2020
“Just thought you would be pleased to get this great feedback; to me, it is amazing. We have had a really bad infestation of mosquitoes. Our whole island, by about 3:30pm, if you were outside and the mosquitoes liked your blood, it was just terrible and the bites would last two weeks, scratching and itching awfully. The first 12 months we were here, they were not a problem but for the next 4 years it was always “get indoors” because even though we used to spray insect repellents and special candles, it was never enough. Guess what? Last night we sat outside and there wasn’t one!!! I texted my neighbour, and he said that he didn’t notice any, either, and believe me you can’t miss them!!! He was very excited. We have a beautiful park right on the border of where the DPE100 reaches, so I can’t wait to see if it has been cleared, too, as it is full of animals and the council puts in a huge amount of work to keep it beautiful. Anyway, how wonderful is that?“
Caroline Balanda
February 2, 2020
“Yesterday, 3/2/20, storms were predicted for south-east Queensland and, as usual, the massive sheets of lightning were coming our way. We could see them from our dining table and I was starting to get very nervous as they sweep around and come down and head straight down the river, and all hell seems to break loose. Very scary. The last time we got hit, it was $28,000 of damage, let alone the fright. This time we watched the sheets of lightning come close to our area and it seemed to just quieten down and dissipate after a great light show. Across the river from us, we could see the lightning way behind the houses, which usually ends up in our front yard. WELL, GUESS WHAT!!! It just settled down and didn’t come any closer. Amazing!!! Was it just an unusual storm or did it stay out of our DPE ZONE??? However, all I can say it was different from what has happened before with the summer storms. We sure will be taking notice when the next one comes.“
Caroline Balanda
Upadate February 4, 2020
“Also, I noticed, not just over our area, but a change in our clouds in the sky over our city. Is this due to the DPE??? The clouds over the prior months during the fires really disturbed me as I had never seen such dense thick clouds over the Gold Coast so consistently, and it just didn't seem like it was all from the fires. I would go out and look every day and it didn't seem to change for quite some time. Then they suddenly started to thin out, the density was shifting and the atmosphere seemed like with a feeling that everything is becoming OK, whereas before there was a very uneasy feeling about it all. So, the clouds finally lightened up, we had a lot of rain but not too much of the destructive winds, a bit of flooding but we sure have had a lot worse. The lightning has definitely settled down. However, is this just what has happened this year and so it was normal or was there really some sort of, to me, big change for our February weather??? I don't know; only time will tell. I have been hanging onto the center rod to clear myself quickly of energy, etc., that is not appropriate for me. Also, I made a bed of cushions right next to the window where the DPE is installed. Every day I rest and read there for an hour or two to help my body heal from a disease. We haven’t had any damage since we installed the DPE, plenty of heavy rain but no flooding, hail or lightning. Every previous year we have had really bad storms, lightning, floods and super strong winds for this time of the year but not now, isn’t that fantastic; this is so different to what it has been since we came here over 40 years ago. I will take a photo of the outside as it is now and it is very beautiful and not scary at all like the past years. Most importantly, the DPE is very effective if I rest near it for about three hours and that brings my body back into balance that equals body comfort.”
Caroline Balanda
Update March 10, 2020
“My reasons for acquiring DPE 100 was firstly for providing environmental balance and protection. There has been an increase in bird activity, leaves on all trees and shrubs are healthier looking, and the occasional Monarch butterfly hovers over the device. Also, the mosquitoes have not been as prevalent as they used to be. Other than that, l do not have any before and after points of reference to compare against, such as extreme weather conditions being less so or energetic interferences.”
Caroline Balanda
Update March 10, 2020
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