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Advanced Technology 7

Our mission

There is an Essence that is Present Everywhere, which has Universal Intelligence and which Composes and can Change anything…Many call it GOD. Below it there is a frequency that is light-filled, which has the same characteristics, when it falls in frequency it becomes matter and creates “La Vita”.

Our Mother Earth is a Living being, like us….It is the condensation of Light and becoming matter has become a being whose bones we call rocks, its blood we call it Lava, its Sap we call it Sea …

Our Mother Earth is now ill and will make a radical change very soon. We try to help her in this so that it is a more gradual and not extreme process so that man can still exist.

Everything is connected to everything

Quantum physics with the particle indeterminacy principle (Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle) has shown that everything is connected to everything, so if Our Mother Earth is sick, so are we.

So we have to help both of them.

For this reason, scientists and men of knowledge have begun to unite without setting limits on nationality, knowledge or personal goals. All this is happening here and now, Advanced Technology 7 Researchers Team is working tirelessly to put together the most brilliant minds for achieving the goal. The aim is to spread an advanced technology that balances both the Man and the Earth.

The dinosaurs lived about 165 million years but when the Earth made the extreme change they didn’t even have time to swallow the grass they were eating.

These changes happen day by day and then…all at once.

We Humans are much more than we think we are….and we can avoid it.

This is the Earth that we will create to refuge together, our new future, our new era

Our mission is to make the planet flourish again: it has no sense to create a re-balance, in fact this would be based on our memory, we must help the Earth to completely regenerate itself and return to that of hundreds of years ago …. Clear Skies and Seas and Clean Lands, full of life, a Sun that shines without burning, and so many Trees, so we have to refer to an idea that comes before our birth.

All this is possible and we have the technology to do it, but there are priorities to follow.

Like all those who seriously have an innovative technology, the first choice to make is whether to do it for money or BEING MEN!!


We in Advanced Technology 7 have chosen the second way, for all the children around the world, for the weakest. They will not be able to never have a future, nor do we without the Planet!

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